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Preparation as a Youngpreneur

We will show you how you can best prepare for the launch of your company and everyday life as a Youngpreneur. Preparation as a Youngpreneur.

Preparation for independence as a youngpreneur

What a student needs to consider in the preparation phase for self-employment

Become a Youngpreneur now. Easy. Online. Found it.

Checklist - The most important steps in the preparation phase as a student

Tipps from STARTUPS.CH

We will show you step by step how you can best prepare yourself for professional independence and what you should bear in mind when doing so. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Costumer Care Centre.

Formulate the business idea

The basis of your company is a good business idea. Ideally, it should be innovative, have a unique selling point and be compatible with your interests, hobbies or profession, so that you can combine different activities.

Formulate the business idea

Self analysis

Ask yourself and your friends and family where your strengths and weaknesses lie. What can you already do? What do you still have to learn? Where do you need external support?

Self analysis mompreneur

Market segmentation

Think about who your customer should be. Divide the company into smaller homogeneous groups and decide on some segments you want to address with your product or service.

Market segmentation

Creating a business plan

Create a business plan that contains the most essential information about your company to have a complete overview. In this way you can bring structure into the uncertain future and deal with problems early on.

Creating a business plan

Acquire know-how

During the self-analysis you got to know yourself better. Now you can start to deal with the topics in which you want to improve your skills. For example, visit our free seminar Founding a company.

Acquire know-how as a mompreneur

Trust experts

You should trust experts when it comes to the points on which you want to get support. Get advice from experts and do your bookkeeping and tax returns. We recommend STARTUPS.CH.

Trust experts

Choose legal form

The next step is to decide on the legal form your company should have. Below we will introduce you to the three most popular forms of sole proprietorship, limited liability company and public limited company.

choose legal form

Determine the persons involved

Depending on the chosen legal form, you must decide which other persons - such as partners, shareholders and board members - should participate in your company.

Determine the persons involved

Minimum capital

A minimum capital of CHF 20,000 and CHF 100,000 respectively is required for a limited liability company and a public limited company.

Minimum capital

Determine the domicile of the company

Determine where the domicile and therefore the headquarters of your company should be located. Here you must already decide whether you want to run your company from home or whether you want an official company headquarters at an external address.

Determine the domicile of the company
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Checkliste for preparation for independence

Finding the right business idea as a student

Ideas for becoming independent in Switzerland

When you start a business, it is very important that you have a unique, well thought-out and suitable business idea, which you as a Youngpreneur stand behind and are enthusiastic about. In the following we will show you how to find such a business idea.
In the beginning, think about problems that occur again and again in your everyday life or in your environment or that are omnipresent. Afterwards, you should look for solutions or business models on the market that already address this problem. Make a list and find out to what extent these solutions make sense. Now think about what you would do differently or how you could solve the problem more effectively or efficiently. Now you should analyse the extent to which opportunities and risks exist and how you can use opportunities or avoid risks.
What solutions / business ideas already exist?
Are these solutions / business ideas useful?
How can I solve the problem in a better way?
How can I use opportunities and avoid risks?

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